The Symptoms Have Hit

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Oh boy. The nausea, the constant hunger, and the MOOD SWINGS!!! It's crazy! Come 9 pm, I'm absolutely worthless. My brain just shuts down. I used to try to find a nice way to say what's on my mind. These days, not so much. Thankd GOD for the internet when I can erease what I typed and retype it before sending. IRL, that editing isn't available. Sometimes stuff slips out before I mean for it to. With hubby I feel bad. With strangers, if I can't manage to clamp my mouth shut, oh well. I really don't like to be outright rude to people, but wow, everything annoys me! Especially all the cigarette smoke. It can be really tough walking through my neighborhood at night when all the guys are at the bars getting sloshed & smoking like chimminies. If I cover my face with a rag they make stupid comments about swine flu. Like I give a shit about THAT! The toxins they keep blowing out their mouth into the air I breathe is a far more immediate concern. Even when I was a smoker, I was more considerate of nonsmokers than most of these yodels seem to be. I just seem to have very little tolerance for any kind of bullshit these days. Not good when babysitting! I make a very strong point to be as patient as possible, though, with the kids. They don't need to deal with my craziness. Luckily the kids have all been very sweet for the most part. I do feel more maternal too, though, so that helps. My u/s was on the 28th, but the doc had surgery scheduled that day so I had to reschedule for the 29th. At least it's just one more day. 

In other news, my dog is crazy. She broke off one of her rear claws at the paw line. She doesn't seem fazed by it in the least. I got a call from the store around the corner from us the she was there. She was supposed to be in the back yard. Oh how I love sharing the back yard with a neighbor to whom it doesn't occur to make sure the back yard gate is closed tight. Fun times! I sure hope she didn't get into any trouble while she was out and about. She can be a bit of a punk with other dogs sometimes. At least she's safe and sound now! Silly mutt.


TexanWmn said...

At least all these things are good signs the pregnancy is developing, right?

So for an inquiring reader after all your treatments was this a natural cycle and conception?

FeyIndigoWolf said...

Surprisingly, it was natural! Our doc had given us permission (even i writing) to ttc naturally around O time so we continued to do that. Speaking of which, it has been a month today since we have had any form of *ahem* bd'ing. Last time that happened was years ago and for medical reasons only!

Anyway, we were on a ttc break until I finished school for the semester. Got a very pleasant surprise instead!!

TexanWmn said...

Congrats Carrie. I'm so happy it happened for you. I hope this is an awesome pregnancy and can't wait to follow you here. How amazing it happened au naturel!!! The biggest congrats to you both.