Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Last cycle was full of weird shit. First I ovulated earlier than normal. At least I think I did. I forgot to take an OPK on CD 13 and they were all negative CD 14-16, getting lighter, looking very much post-surge. Then my period arrives late, making me think I might be possibly pregnant. Of course I wasn't, or if I was it was another chemical and it didn't register on the digital test I took. On the plus side, being late means that I will ovulate during the week now and can do another IUI. That's good, at least. G was all excited about me possibly being pregnant. Because I thought I ovulated on CD 13, I had what I thought was an 18-day luteal phase which is the longest I've ever had. When I look back on the cycles where I've done OPK's it seems like I usually get 2 + opk's and FF usually has me ovulating on the second day of getting a +. If I only got one + FF usually has me ovulating the day of or the day after. How am I supposed to know if I should do my IUI the same day as a + opk or the day after? I'd been doing my IUI's the same day as the + opk. Maybe this time I should try doing it the day after? Whatever. I'm just glad I actually have a chance this cycle. I hate all this time-wasting! I think I've said that before... You know this shit has gone on way too long when you keep repeating yourself in blog posts.