Monday, February 16, 2009


Holy shit, I've got bad luck! It was bad enough that I was due to ovulate right around another holiday weekend, but there was hope. Key word: WAS. If I had ovulated when I normally do, I might have ovulated yesterday and would have been out for IUI, but I also could have ovulated today and still had a chance to do it tomorrow. Instead, I ovulated early, just to make sure I had no chance for an IUI this cycle. GREAT! I only had 3 OPK's left so I waited until yesterday (cd 14) to do a test.  99% of the time the test will be + or almost + on cd 14. Yesterday the test was so far from being + that I could tell I had probably already ovulated. Still, I thought there might be a chance that I was ovulating late this cycle, so I took another opk test today. It was even more negative than yesterday's. So that's that. I just feel like screaming. Really really loudly. I hate this. I really really hate this. Wouldn't it be nice if I actually had something new to say?

ETA: I just checked my cycle planner on Fertility Friend. According to that, if my cycle is as regular as it usually is, I'l probably ovulate over the weekend again next cycle. Chances are good that I'm not going to be able to do another IUI until April. Amazing. 


Milenka said...

*hug* You okay over there, sweetie? I keep checking your chart, and there's no update...thinking positive thoughts for you guys!

FeyIndigoWolf said...

Yeah, my cycle was just all fucked up. Whatever. I'm on to a new one and at least now I should ovulate during the week which is nice. Thanks for checking in on me. Hugs back to you. I can't believe how big your kids are getting, btw!! Amazing how fast it happens.