6th Wedding Anniversary

Sunday, June 29, 2008


It's a good thing we made it this week! It's been a rough one. But that's partially due to some hellacious mood swings I've been having this week. I'm beginning to suspect that I may have Bipolar II Disorder which is different from regular Bipolar Disorder because of the manic episodes. People who experience hypomanic episodes often have the following symptoms according to this site:

People in a hypomanic state may experience increased anxiety, sleeplessness, good mood, or irritability. The hypomanic state can last for four days or longer, and patients will note a significant difference in feelings from when they are in a depressed state.

Hypomania may also cause people to feel more talkative, result in inflated self-esteem, make people feel as though their thoughts are racing, and in some cases result in rash choices, such as indiscriminate sexual activity or inappropriate spending sprees. Often, the person who feels anxious or irritable and also has bouts of depression is diagnosed with anxiety disorder with depression , or merely anxiety disorder. As such, they do not receive the proper treatment, because if given an anti-depressant alone, the hypomanic state can progress to a manic state, or periods of rapid cycling of mood can occur and cause further emotional disturbance.

So My darling husband has agreed to go with me to my Psychiatrist appointment on Monday to help me describe to the doc what I've been going trough and what exactly has been happening. I talked to my friend about it who has known me quite well over the past 11 years and she agrees that it makes a lot of sense. The problem with Bipolar is that the meds are not very pregnancy friendly, so we'll have to seriously consider our options as far as that goes if Bipolar II is indeed the true diagnosis.


Milenka said...

*hugs* Dealing with BPD and ttc/pregnancy seems hopeless at times. I think that the hardest part of coming to a diagnosis for me was that my manic states are always full of irritability, anxiety and anger rather than euphoria or happiness or any of the other "ups" they seem to usually look for. I would be classified Type I, I think? Rapid-cycling, though, which is a bitch. Anyhow, my point is that I know how difficult it is to deal with something like this alone, and I truly hope that you are able to find someone or something that helps you. Seroquel never did a thing for me (and I went off because I got pregnant with the girls) but I had okay luck with meditation, diet and exercise for awhile before this pregnancy. I will speak with my GP as soon as I finish breastfeeding Fox, but I may go ahead and give Lithium therapy a try this time because I know we're done and I feel like it's a life or death situation at this point. Anyhow, I'm thinking of you and sending out many positive vibes. One can never have enough blessings pouring in, yes? *hugs*