I Hate Being Married Sometimes

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I'm either in school or working 45 hours a week and I have at least 5 hours of homework to do each week. G had the gall to ask me if I could take on more work since were broke right now. I said absolutely not and he got mad! Well, gee, asshole, maybe if you gave up the $50 hair cuts every other week, we'd have some extra money! I admit, I've spent money I didn't need to spend, but how dare he ask me to work more when I already have a full-up schedule and then get mad at me and tell me I need to stop spending money when he's every bit as guilty as I am! If he wants more money coming in, he needs to get a second job. He can be such a self-centered jerk sometimes!


Milenka said...

I hear you! Sometimes I want to kick my husband in the head. Luckily for him, I am a levelheaded kind of girl. Okay, maybe not. I'm just short and weak! ;-)

FeyIndigoWolf said...

No kidding! That asshole is still mad at me today! At ME! He should mad at himself.

He takes holding grudges to a whole new level. What a waste of energy.

Milenka said...

Funny story...my husband *does* get mad at himself...and then he takes it out on ME by being a dick. Makes tons of sense, huh? I hope things have blown over there, sweetie. *hugs*