I Suck at Blogging

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Again it has been way too long since I last did a blog post.Blogging is really hard with a baby! Cole's naps are usually so short and when he is sleeping I usually just want to veg on the computer and not do anything that requires thinking. At the moment he is fussing in his crib while I am sitting here hoping he will fall asleep on his own. In June I had him successfully falling asleep on his own for naps. But in the last weekend of June I went to San Diego for my uncle's wedding and that totally threw the nap routine out the window. He started rolling over regularly both ways while in San Diego and I think that new found ability has a big effect on his ability to fall asleep. We caught a cold from my dad and I think that also had an effect. Cole turned 6 months on Tuesday. I cannot believe that it has already been half a year. With turning 6 months he now is developing separation anxiety which is also making nap time more difficult. Just had to go in and soothe him because he was getting too upset. I hate how easy it is to disrupt a good routine. The rest of the month is probably a lost cause as far as naps go. Next week Cole has his 6 month well baby check and shots. So that will probably make him extra fussy and cranky. There is a very small chance that the shots will make him a little sleepier and will help but I am not counting on it. Then the following week We will be staying at my friend's house while some other friends come in to town to stay there too. Chances are we will not have any decent nap routine during that week. It almost makes me want to shut myself up in my home and never go anywhere because I have to deal with the consequences of it for weeks afterward. I know that there is the possibility that his nap routine would have gotten screwed up anyway. But it still sucks. How can I ever get him to learn to soothe himself? He needs more sleep and I need that extra time to myself. Oh well, enough about that for now.

Here is a fairly recent pic. I need to upload more pics from the camera.


Dee said...

I suck at blogging too. It's tough to find the time to sit down and write an entry when you have a non-napping baby, tons of things to do, and enormous lack of sleep.

Glad to see all is well! He looks great!

Tip about the self-soothing; it took DD awhile to get the hang of it, but when I was able to be "strong" and not run to her every time she made the slightest whimper, she began to learn on her own. She is now a stellar self-soother, even though she still fails miserably at napping!

Carrie Jo said...

I will let him whimper or fuss for awhile but his problem is that he will often go into full-fledged screaming after awhile, making himself throw up. It's kinda ridiculous. Now that we are settling back into a normal routine I am going try again. The hard part, though, is that my upstairs neighbor is dying from cancer and his bedroom is right above Cole's room. So I am reluctant to let him cry knowing my neighbor really needs to be able to sleep. Although, I'm sure the morphine helps with that...